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New contract will help speed spill response times

BIMCO and International Spill Control Organisation (ISCO) have launched two new spill response contracts to make the task of arranging clean-up services following a spill incident significantly easier to negotiate in an emergency.

The two standard contracts are a first for spill response contractors. One is tailored for international use and the other is specifically for use in the United States and both are available free of charge from

The contracts have been written by a group of experts from BIMCO, ISCO, the International Group of P&I Clubs, the International Salvage Union and the Spill Control Association of America. Other partners, including ITOPF (International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation) and individual response contractors, also contributed.

Tony Paulson, West of England P&I Club, who led the drafting team, said:
“Until now, no single standard contract for the hire of specialised spill response services and equipment has been available. Harmonised terms and conditions will help speed the process of getting essential spill response equipment on site as soon as possible”.

Matthew Sommerville, ISCO added:
“Timing is critical for a successful response. To avoid delay, the contract lets the parties sign and mobilise the response while negotiations continue on rates and charges. This means that the contracts can be negotiated in a matter of minutes and personnel and equipment can get to work immediately”.

The two contracts, RESPONSECON and US RESPONSECON, contracts are designed for spill incidents and enable those involved to obtain clean-up services and hire specialised personnel and equipment without delay.

The terms and conditions are set out in standard clauses with accompanying annexes for the different parties to insert detailed descriptions of the required services and rates for personnel and equipment.

The contracts and explanatory notes can be obtained through BIMCO’s website and any questions can be sent to



For more details, please contact
Gemma Wilkie, Communications Director at BIMCO on:
D: +45 4436 6836, M: +45 2442 9781

BIMCO (the Baltic and International Maritime Council) is the largest of the international shipping associations, with a membership drawn from a broad representation of stakeholders within the shipping industry, notably from the shipowning community, representing 640 million DWT or about 65% of merchant shipping.

With a total membership of approximately 2,600 individual members from 123 countries, composed of shipowners, shipbrokers and agents and other entities with an interest in or associated with the Maritime Industries, BIMCO is widely respected for its practical approach and its opinions and recommendations are regular and important elements in the international governmental organizations' process of creating international standards and guidelines for the shipping industry.

BIMCO is accredited as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and holds observers'status with several United Nations agencies involved with shipping industry matters, notably the International Maritime Organization and working closely together with maritime administrators in e.g. the European Community and the United States. In recognition of its position within the international shipping community, the US Coast Guard formed a partnership agreement with BIMCO to jointly address issues of regulatory compliance and maritime governance in an effort to find practical and workable solutions for shipowners plying US trade.

BIMCO is committed to promote fair and equitable international shipping policy and regulatory matters and seeks to continue to be the selected and trusted sparring partner and source of practical information by policymakers and other stakeholders.

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